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In each episode of this live action photography competition series, young photographers aim to compose the Best Photo Ever! Aided by mentors and judged by photographic experts, the series gives the competitors and viewers tips on improving their photography and developing the skills of their craft.

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Episode duration
30 minutes
Number of episodes
Learn about:
how to focus a photograph, how to compose a scene, photography tips, teamwork
  • International Emmy Kids Awards 2018
  • New York Festivals 2017
  • International Emmy Kids Awards 2017 (nominee)

Dalmar Abuzeid is a Canadian actor, musician and TV presenter. Prior to his work on "Snapshots", Dalmar was a host on TVO Kids and played Danny Ven Zandt on the acclaimed series "Degrassi TNG".

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"A hands-on education on the finer points of photography."

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