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Should We Close Our Zoos?

Should We Close Our Zoos?

Liz Bonnin investigates whether zoos are outdated or if they could be the answer to conserving endangered species. She evaluates the role they have to play in the 21st century, speaking to scientists and visiting zoos across the world.

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The Treasure Hunters

Man-made Treasure

Ellie Harrison and Dallas Campbell reveal the greatest treasures ever created. They explore a shipwreck, discover the story of a room covered in jewels and meet people who work with diamonds.

Xploration Awesome Planet

Xploration Awesome Planet

Natural Wonders

Philippe heads to Hawaii to see a waterfall of lava pouring into the ocean. He goes to Antelope Canyon in Arizona, walks on a unique frozen lake in Alberta, and goes scuba diving into a cenote in Mexico.

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