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Rough Science

Rough Science

Mapping it Out

The team of scientists take up the challenge of charting the sights and sounds of their tropical island. Starting from scratch, they have to make an accurate scale map, botanical paper and inks, and a sound-recording device.

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Rough Science

Rough Science

Bugs and Barometers

To cope with life on the island - from mosquitoes to storms - is the challenge. A bacteria-busting cream from the island's plants is needed - and the scientists must prove it works with no animal testing. They also build a weather station to detect storms.

Mily Miss Questions - Da Vinci Kids

Mily Miss Questions


Mily's invited to a party and decides to ignore the silly dress code. Because she's the only one not dressed up, however, she's the one feeling silly … Mily wonders: What defines 'normal'?

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